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Visualization Projects with Interactive Data Edit

Astronomy Edit

Sssimtoshi Solar System Simulator

by Toshiyuki Takahei

Sloan Digital Sky Survey by COSMUS

Cosmic Ray Air Showers by COSMUS

Stars Around the Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way by COSMUS

Digital Universe by the Hayden Planetarium

Computer Science Edit

Machine Learning by Dinoj Surendran. Textured Scatterplots for seeing the results of classification algorithms.

Touchgraph has...

Sports Edit

BBC's Virtual Replay

Mathematics Edit

Visualization of 3D Mathematics by Jonathan Rogness.

Software for Interactive Data Edit



VRML and VRML Browsers

Google Earth

Google Maps


Internal Pages Edit

External Articles Edit

From Simulation to Visualization: Astrophysics goes Hollywood by Frank Summers

Simple Ideas Edit

This space points to interesting visualization projects that introduce and/or demonstrate at least one technique that can be applied in other fields.

Usa2000 populationwarped gastnershalizinewman tn

Maps of the 2000 Presidential Election by Michael Gastner, Cosma Shalizi, and Mark Newman. This shows the result of a new density-equalizing map algorithm for map distortion. For example, the thumbnail on the right shows a map of the United States with each county colored red or blue depending on who they voted for - since area on the map represents geographical area, you would think that the red party was most dominant in the election. Actually it was a 50-50 election, with the blue party dominant in cities. The distorted map makes area on the map proportional to population, and now the cities are blown up, revealing a more even contest.

Tn sph bluemarble NASA

Tn bluemarble NASA

Rectangular to Spherical Maps from COSMUS and Selden Ball. There are several rectangular maps of the earth (picture, left) and various planets available on the web, and most 3d packages allow you to texture anything - in particular, a sphere - with an image. While planets aren't exactly spherical, they are spherical enough! These pages by COSMUS and Selden Ball document how you can easily texture your own planets using Partiview. Also available are downloads of 3d models that you can spin around easily, such as this 'Russian Dolls' Model of Sol and the Planets in our Solar System.

LiveGraphics3D is a Java applet by Martin Kraus (U Stuttgart) that can be used to display 3d surfaces parametrized by equations - by specifying just the equation. Being a Java applet, it works over the web, making for very interesting possibilities. Kraus has, along with Jonathan Rogness, written a good tutorial on how to use it. More examples can be found on Rogness' page Visualization of 3D Mathematics. This also works in stereo on GeoWalls.

Just Movies Edit

Salamander Locomotion from the Biologically Inspired Robotics Group at EPFL@Lausanne, Switzerland.

Volker Springel's movies

Flight to the Virgo Cluster from Brent Tully et al...

Rendered cell and molecule movie from Harvard.

Documentation with illustrative pictures Edit

Infra-red animals used as an introduction to Infra-Red Astronomy by CoolCosmos.

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